Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges was born on March 5, 1627 in Noce in France.  Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges’ parents were Jacques de La Porte and Marie Hamelin.

We have not been able to ascertain precisely when Jacques Laporte dit St-Georges arrived in New France. We do know that he signed his first legal document in New France in 1653 and that he lived in Montreal in 1655, the year that the Sieur de Maisonneuve granted him a piece of land. We assume that Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges became a farmer. He also had a house on St.Paul street.

On September 3, 1657, Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges married Nicole Duchesne. Eleven children were issued from that marriage.

Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges died before 1702 probably in 1698. Again we do not have an exact date because the village of Contrecoeur where he died was soon after burned down by the Indians. The date of his death has been estimated according to legal documents relating to his estate.

Jacques De La Porte's signature
Jacques De La Porte’s signature

His signature appears in a May 25, 1670 notarized document.

His Parents

Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges Jr is the son of Jacques de La Porte Sr who was born in France in 1596. The father of Jacques de La Porte Sr was probably Hugues de La Porte.

Jacques de La Porte Sr got married in Nocé on June 7, 1626 with Marie Hamelin. Her origins are unknown except for the fact that her brother André lived nearby in Cohanard. Jacques and Marie had many children: Jacques (March 5, 1627), Barbe (October 15, 1629), Florimont (July 18, 1634), Pasquier (September 17, 1635), Jean (January 20, 1638), Florimond (January 23, 1642), Claude (October 16, 1643), Louise (April 6, 1646) et Marie (September 2, 1650).  The dates in parentheses are baptism dates which often coincide with birthdates.

Jacques de La Porte Sr appears for the first time in legal notarized documents in 1625; at the time, he is described as an innkeeper. Jacques de La Porte Sr was a baker from the time of his marriage until his death, except for a brief four year interlude, i.e. form August 1639 to June 1643, where he appears to have resumed his profession of innkeeper in Nocé according to legal documents.

One can assume that Jacques de La Porte Sr, innkeeper, baker, merchant, has ambitious plans for his children. He, himself, maintains very good relations with his Parish Priest and with his Lord. Despite his various occupations and his children, he accepts social activities which honor him and make him one of Nocé’s most prominent citizens.

In the upper Middle-Ages, there were devout brotherhoods known under the name of “Frères de charité” (Brothers of Charity) or “Charitons”. These brotherhoods, swept away during the wars, saw life again in the XVth or XVIth century. At the head of the “Charité” are the “Councilman” and the “Provost” who are responsible for the management of the possessions of poor people after they die, and are chosen amongst the “notables”. In 1637, in a legal document dated March 17, it is Jacques de La Porte Sr who is mentioned as “Provost” of the “Charity” for the Church of Nocé (written “Nocey” in those days).

Jacques de La Porte Sr died in Nocé on October 8, 1680. His wife, Marie Hamelin, also died later in Nocé and was buried on November 25, 1685.

His Wife

Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges’ marriage took place on September 3, 1657. He wed Nicole Duchesne, daughter of François Duchesne and Marie Nolet. Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve was present as the marriage certificate shows his signature as a witness.

Nicole Duchesne was born about 1638 in Villevaude, near Paris in the Department of Seine-et-Marne. Nicole Duchesne is said to have arrived in New France in a ship belonging to shipowner François Perron de La Rochelle. The ship’s captain was named Élie Tadourneau.

His children

Children issued from the marriage of Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges and Nicole Duchesne number eleven: Paul, Antoine, Georges, Catherine, Jacques,Louis, Angélique, Jean, Suzanne, Pierre and Jeanne.

The eldest son, Paul Laporte was born on April 15, 1659 in Montreal. He was baptized the same day. His godfather was Paul de Chomedey (Maisonneuve) and his godmother, Barbe de Boulogne, wife of Louis d’Ailleboust, two famous personages in the history of New France.  Paul Laporte was a farmer. He married Marie Lussier in Boucherville on February 24, 1688. Marie Lussier was born on February 3, 1671 and died on May 21, 1695. Paul Laporte remarried on July 25, 1695 in Notre-Dame Church in Montreal. His second wife was named Marguerite Matou dit Labrie. Their marriage contract was drawn up by Notary Maugue on July 24, 1695 (Doc#: 16950724PA019812). Marguerite Matou was born on November 26, 1678. She was the daughter of Philippe Matou et Marguerite Doussiné. Paul Laporte died in Boucherville on January 29, 1736.

Antoine Laporte was born in Montreal on November 13, 1660. He was baptized the same day. He died in St-François-du-Lac on August 26, 1703.

Georges Laporte was born in Montreal on April 13, 1662 and baptized on April 23, 1662. His godfather was Zacharie Dupuis and his godmother Catherine Gauchet. On March 2, 1689, he married Madeleine Guertin. The ceremony was held in Contrecoeur. Georges Laporte was a farmer. He died in Boucherville on August 20 , 1693.

Catherine Laporte was born in Montreal on October 12, 1663. She was baptized the same day. Around 1675, she wed Philibert Couillaud de Laroque de Roquebrune. The latter was born in 1641 and died around 1699 or 1700 as his wife Catherine is declared to be a widow on a notarized act dated March 9, 1701. Philibert Couillaud was a soldier in the Carignan Regiment of the Company of Saint-Ours. Catherine had eleven children with Philibert Couillaud. She remarried in Varennes on October 9, 1706. Her new husband was named Jean Charpentier and was born in 1661. Catherine Laporte died in Varennes on March 19, 1737.

Jacques Laporte dit Labonté was born on October 26, 1665 in Boucherville. He was a farmer and explorer. He married Madeleine Paviot on January 9, 1687 in Contrecoeur. His wife was born in 1673 and died on August 15, 1750. Jacques Laporte also died on the same date of August 15, 1750.

Louis Laporte was born in Boucherville on August 6, 1667. He married Madeleine Masseau in Contrecoeur on January 30, 1695. Their marriage contract was drafted by Notary Maugue on June 29, 1696 (Doc#:16960629PA019857). Madeleine Masseau was the daughter of Jean Maseau dit St-Martin and Anne Michel. She was born on May 6, 1675 and died on July 9, 1713. Louis Laporte was an explorer. in the 1690s, he was hired by Lord Boudor for Lord Boisguillat to travel along the Ottawa River.Louis Laporte died in St-Sulpice on January 26, 1717.

Angélique Laporte was born in Montreal around 1671. She died in Contrecoeur on August 10, 1684. She was buried the same day.

Jean Laporte was born in Sorel on February 6, 1674. He was baptized the same day. Jean Laporte died in 1680.

Suzanne Laporte was born in Pointe-aux-Trembles on February 28, 1676. On January 21, 1695, she wed Pierre Ménard in Contrecoeur.

Pierre Laporte dit Saint-Georges was born in St-Sulpice on April 30, 1678. He was baptized in Sorel on May 24, 1678. Pierre Laporte dit Saint-Georges was a farmer. On July 27, 1703 in Montreal, he wed Marie Anne Han-Chausse. The latter was born on January 8, 1688. Pierre Laporte dit Saint-Georges died in Lavaltrie on September 5, 1751.

Jeanne Laporte was born in Boucherville on May 8, 1682. She was baptized the same day. Jeanne Laporte died in Boucherville on November 28, 1683.

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