According to the research done up to now by the World Association of Laporte’s & St-Georges du monde, there are 11 known lineages of Laporte and Quebec-descended St-Georges in North America. The majority of these Laporte and St-Georges in America have the same common ancestor in the person of Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges (1st lineage). The latter was born on March 5, 1627 in Nocé, France (in the former region of Perche, now Normandy).

All other branches of Laporte and St-Georges are also originally from France. They are: Pierre Laporte dit Denis (2nd lineage), Louis Laporte (3rd lineage), Pierre Laporte (4th lineage), Pierre Laporte dit St-Georges(5th lineage), Étienne Laporte (6th lineage), Michel Laporte dit Labonté (7th lineage), Jean Laporte dit Richelieu (8th lineage), Jean-Jacques Laporte (9th lineage), Louis Laporte (10th lineage) and Bartholomew Laporte (USA – 11th lineage).

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