Sir Hormidas Laporte was Montreal‘s 27th mayor.Hormidas Laporte was born in the suburb of Lachine on November 7, 1850. On January 14, 1874, he wed Myrza Gervais, daughter of Pierre Gervais and Marie-Rose-de-Lima Painchaud. The marriage was celebrated in the parish of the Nativité in Montreal’s Hochelaga district. Sir Hormidas Laporte died in Montreal on February 20, 1934.Following is a list of important events in Sir Hormidas Laporte’s life:

prior to 1867 He studies at the Sault-au-Récollet School
1867 He takes private lessons at night while working in a nail factory.
1870 He works as a clerk in a grocery store. Later, he opens his own grocery store.
1873 A big rise in the water level in the spring destroys his store. He is also in the wood and coal business.
1881 A friend, J.-B. Martin, offers him a partnership in a fruit and vegetable business. The wholesale firm of Laporte & Martin will grow to be one of the largest in Canada.
1892 A fire destroys his warehouse.
1892-1902 He is one of the founders and first President of the Alliance Nationale party.
1894-1896 He is elected President of the “Chambre de Commerce de Montréal”, the French equivalent to the Board of Trade (now merged together).
1897-1904 He is elected City Councillor by acclamation and is named President of the Finance Committee.
1903-1906 He becomes a Board member of Montreal’s Catholic School Commission.
1904-1906 He is elected Mayor of Montreal.
1905 Under his leadership, Montreal annexes the suburb of St-Henri.
1907-1934 He is named President of the Provincial Bank of Canada. He also acts as President of the wartime (1914-1918) Supply Commission.
1917 He is nominated a member of the Private Council in recognition of services rendered.
1918-1934 Britain’s King Georges V knights him. Montreal’s McGill University bestows a honoris causa doctorate on him. He becomes President of the “Société d’administration et de fiducie” (a trust firm), of the St-Jean-Baptiste Society (for 3 years), of the Crédit Foncier Franco-canadien (another trust), of the Sauvegarde (an insurance company) and is named Commissioner of the Port of Montreal.
1934 He died in Montreal on the 20th of February at the age of 83, leaving behind 2 children: a daughter and a son. He lived on Dorchester Boulevard, now renamed René-Lévesque Boulevard.
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